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We set up our business operation in 1999, from 2001 on as Völgyi és Társa Kft.
Our solution portfolio includes, in particular, the renewal and production of parts exposed to abrasion.
Customers come mainly from the pottery and brick industry, where a continuous replacement of abraded parts is guaranteed by us.
Our main goal is the customer satisfaction and we focus on building long-term relationships.

Methods applied:

  • Layering welding
  • Abrasion-resistant layering welding
  • Metal vaporization


After fill welding the abraded parts to the original size they will be welded with the suitable abrasion-resistant welding material.
Materials and technologies applied by us contribute to the durability of the repaired parts and enable possible further renewals as well.

  • Press screws
  • Mixing screws
  • Mixing blades
  • Wheels
  • Other expandable parts


Instead of the damaged, not reparable parts we produce the expandable parts according to the customer instructions and we weld them with an abrasion-resistant layer, too.

  • Press screws
  • Mixing screws
  • Mixing blades
  • Liners
  • Other expandable parts


  • Brick Factory Kőszeg
  • Lumber Factory Kőszeg
  • Brick Factory Solymár
  • Brick Factory Őrbottyán
  • Brick Factory Tiszavasvári
  • Brick Factory Bátaszék
  • Brick Factory Békéscsaba
  • Brick Factory Devecser
  • Brick Factory Pápateszér
  • Brick Factory Sopron
  • Brick Factory Kisbér
  • Brick Factory Törökbálint
  • Brick Factory Abony
  • Brick Factory Mezőtúr



Mixing screws

Press screws

Other expandable parts

Völgyi és Társa Kft

Address: 9724 Lukácsháza, Tanács utca 22.
Phone: +36 30 969 9387
Fax: +36 94 568 098

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